Druve App: Promote And Make Money From Your Whatsapp

Druve App

Druve App: How To Make Money From Whatsapp

Druve App allows you to earn for placing content on your WhatsApp status. Also, allows business owners to reach their target audience/customers while allowing people to earn extra income.

Druve allows users to view adverts they would like to post to their status. This helps users pick adverts that suits them.

For now, Druve is only available in Nigeria. So depending on your location in Nigeria, the Druve app allows you to select adverts from a wide range of interests. This feature allows you to only see Ads that are for you. A change in location from on your profile setting will bring up a different set of adverts you can earn from.

Unfortunately for iOS users at the moment, the Druve app only works on android enabled devices.

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How To Earn From Druve App

Starting now, Druve allows you to earn passive income with your WhatsApp enabled phone. And fortunately, you do not need to pay any money to start earning. You can earn on Druve by installing the Druve app and signing up, you will be notified as soon as a new ad is available in your registered location.

How much you earn on Druve depends on how many views you can get from your status. You can earn between NGN100($0.26) and NGN3,000($7.8) per status. And within 24hrs, you are allowed to post a maximum of 8 Ads.

You need to get at least 42 views to earn on Druve. Here are our earning categories:

42-500 views (N100 per status)
501- 1k views (N300 per status)


Druve premium
1001-5k views (N1,000 per status)
5001-10k views (N2,000 per status)
10001-15k views (N3,000 per status)
Once you start earning, you can withdraw a minimum of NGN400 from your Druve wallet to any bank account of your choice.

Promoting Your Business On Druve App

You can leverage the WhatsApp status of thousands of Druvers(people who earn from Druve) to spread the word about your product, service, or event.

‚ÄčAnd just like Facebook advertising, Druve allows you to target your Ads by location, gender, and interest. Druve also provides comprehensive analytic reports at the end of every Ad campaign.

You can promote your product or service with at least NGN 400 ($1.1), payable through the Druve app. With a bigger budget, you can run your ads for more days and reach more people.


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