The Latest Collections From Innoson Vehicles

Latest Collections From Innoson Vehicles

The Chief Executive Officer of Innoson Vehicles, Chief Dr. Innoson Chukwuma OFR just revealed the latest collections from Innoson Vehicles.

Innoson vehicles is the first Indigenous Vehicle Manufacturing Company in Nigeria. With a goal to produce durable, suitable and affordable automobiles that are specifically designed for African roads. And with this in mind, it has just released into the market three new sets of vehicle brands.

And According to the Chairman, these new vehicles with efficient maintenance value are now more cost-effective, fuel-efficient, durable and, have improved technology.

Below are the new vehicles from Innoson:


1. Innoson IVM Ikenga

Latest Collections From Innoson Vehicles

IVM Ikenga has a 7-Seater capacity. And is perfect for conveying family members/friends to occasions and ceremonies. Its aerodynamic curves match the flow of the road, allowing you to feel the delight of a powerful and reliable car. It also comes with a 1.8l Engine and Turbo Charger for its manual transmission, and automatic transmission.

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The car is purely a balance of economy and power. In addition, this vehicle has the capacity to achieve high power output, low fuel consumption, as well as low exhaust emissions.


2. IVM G20 Smart

Latest Collections From Innoson Vehicles

The IVM G20 Smart gives you a Smart experience and it has some really exciting features for a vehicle in its class. Outside from being very stylish, it’s spacious and has got seven seats combining the convenience and value of a family sedan with the power of an SUV. With all seats all up, the IVM G20 Smart has a generous size.

This MPV Engine Capacity of 1.5L impresses with its fashion design, good quality, sophisticated technology, and a reasonable price. This midsize MPV will inspire you.

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Latest Collections From Innoson Vehicles

IVM Seriki is one of the latest collections from Innoson Vehicles. This is Africa’s Commute King for whatever kind of service required. IVM Seriki comes in two variant- Passenger and cargo and with an engine capacity.

As Innoson Vehicle strives to be the face of automobile manufacturing in Africa, it will continue to imbibe the concept of regionalization in the production of its vehicles by making sure that it considers the local taste and consumer preferences of the African region during production.

With several years of production expertise, and continuous customer reviews. Innoson Group always strives to make technological advances in their vehicles as well as make the prices affordable to customers.


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