Racksterly: All Your Questions Answered!


There are obviously a lot of make money online schemes available online. But Racksterly seems to be the easiest and one of the most profitable.

This is because all you need to make a huge sum of money is just your data and your Facebook account. In this guide to making money online, we’ll see how to you can earn more than the minimum wage just sitting at home and sharing one Ad per day on Facebook.

But before we begin, I will like you to know that this is not a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme. And if you have any doubts, please make sure you read to the end before making judgments.


What Is Racksterly?


Racksterly is an advertising platform that serves as middlemen between companies and potential customers. They get paid by top companies like Jumia, MTN, 9mobile, banks, etc to advertise products and services straight to customers on Facebook.

However, Rackersterly needs your help in reaching these customers on Facebook. And they will pay you every day for sharing these ads on your Facebook timeline.

This is simply like Google Admob for App developers with Apps and Google Adsense for Bloggers with Blogs like this. Google pays App developers for placing Ads on their Apps and Bloggers for placing Ads on their Blogs.

But this time, Racksterly pays everyone with a Facebook Account for sharing Ads on their Facebook Timeline.

Additionally, you can also earn on Racksterly by referring other people to sign up. However, this is just to earn more money it is not necessary!

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What Are The Requirements For Racksterly?

All you need to join Racksterly are:

  • A Facebook Account that is more than 2 months old
  • A fee for subscription to start sharing Ads

Yes, you need to pay a fee to start sharing Ads on your Facebook timeline before they can start paying you. And the subscription is monthly unless you have referred a certain amount of people (for a month) then you can get a one-month free subscription. We’ll get into the referral part later.


Why Do I Have To Pay In order To Share Ads On My Timeline?

This is to prevent people who want to create empty Facebook accounts just to share Ads on their timeline without these Ads getting to potential customers. So, the idea of a monthly subscription was brought up by Racksterly to prevent this kind of scam. And prevent the abuse of its service.

Be the way, you get a free month subscription when you refer six people in one month. Additionally, what you get paid is a lot bigger than your subscription.


What Are The Subscriptions Available In Racksterly?

There are four subscription plans available in Racksterly. And when you subscribe to any of the plans you get to cash out 30 days later. Here are the subscriptions available:

  1. Dew:  1-month sub with $18 and you earn $1.2 per share every day
  2. Drizzle:  1-month sub with $25 and you earn $1.2 per share every day
  3. Storm: 1-month sub with $45 and you $3.5 per share every day
  4. Typhoon: 1-month sub with $75 and you earn $5.6 per share every day


On the monthly free subscription, I mentioned earlier if you refer 6 friends to the same plan you’re on or a higher plan before your subscription expires, your subscription period will be extended another 30 days, at no extra cost!


How Much Do I Earn When I Refer People To Sign Up?

As I earlier said, you can also earn on Racksterly by referring people to sign up. And this is not necessary for you to cash out, it is just to get more money when cashing out. Here’s a list of how much you earn per referral:

  • When you get your first referral you are rewarded with $2.5
  • Referring a friend on the same day you subscribed will get you $3
  • When you refer 10 people within a month subscription you will get $45
  • Referring 20 people within a month subscription gets you $80
  • When you refer 50 people within a month subscription you get $150
  • Referring 100 people in a month subscription gets you $350
  • When you refer 3 people in a month subscription you get $10
  • Referring 2 persons on the day your subscription ends gets you $9

How Do I Subscribe To Racksterly?

In other to subscribe to Racksterly and start making money, here are the steps to follow:

  • To Get Started Click Here
  • You will be directed to a referral page, click on ‘Continue’
  • On the next page, input your details and click ‘create account’

You can then proceed to choose your desired plan and checkout with your debit card.



Racksterly is a decent way to make money online in Nigeria and by far the easiest so far. This is because all you need is your Facebook social media account which we basically use every day. And a subscription fee. You can start making cool money.

I am yet to see the disadvantage of using this money-making service.


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