The 5 Effective Ways To Make Money From Blogging

Ways To Make Money From Blogging

5 Effective Ways To Make Money From Blogging

For students, graduates and just anyone with the passion for it, blogging has earned most people a nice amount of money. As a daily routine, some people just wake up, fire up their laptops and start creating content to publish on their blogs. And do they earn money from blogging? Oh yes, they do!

However, you should note that before you can start generating a decent amount from blogging, you should have a good amount of audience. This does not necessarily mean that you must have up to ten thousand or even a thousand readers on your blog before you start getting the money.

Additionally, this article also applies to YouTubers who create videos and are looking for ways to monetize them. You’ll also find out the most effective ways to earn money from creating YouTube videos.

In this post, you will see the various ways you can monetize your blog and make a very decent living from it.


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The 5 Ways To Earn Money From Blogging

1. Sell eBooks, Video Tutorials and more

This is a sure way of making money from your blog even when you don’t have enough traffic/audience to be making money from adverts. You do not need a lot of audiences to start making money through this method.

You can sell eBooks you create by yourself or sell eBooks for other authors in return for a commission. There are even some authors that will give you the right to resell their eBooks.

You can as well package information you want to sell in the form of videos, audio recordings and sell at your desired price.

The reason you do not need a thousand visitors in your blog before you can start earning is that you can run Ads on Facebook and other social media platforms. This will immediately drive interested customers to your site who will buy from you.

If you are not selling anything on your blog, you are really missing a lot. Information sells a lot faster!

2. PPC Monetizing

PPC simply means Pay Per Click. This is a program that lets bloggers earn money monthly when visitors visit their blogs and click on Ads. Some PPC Networks are Google AdSense, Propeller Ads, Infolinks,, etc.


With these PPC networks, all you need to do is sign up for one of them and not more than two (just to make your blog look good), generate Ad codes from them and place the Ad codes on your blog.

This is very effective for blogs with high traffic. Therefore, before monetizing your blog with Pay Per Click Networks make sure you have a good amount of traffic, so you can earn a good sum.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Are you good at driving sales? Then this is good for you. There are people who have earned a fortune just by affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is helping others sell their product/service and getting a commission by doing so.

To start earning from affiliate marketing, you have to join affiliate networks and help them market their products using the affiliate links they generate for you.

When people buy through your link, the network will pay you some commission. When the commissions pile up to a certain amount, you get paid via check or to your bank account.

For the sake of sanity and more sales, it is advisable to promote affiliate products related to your niche. Let’s say, for example, your blog about Fashion and lifestyle. You should not join the Jumia Affiliate Program to start promoting generators and deep-freezers. That’s not normal, and it won’t make you have sales. There are a ton of fashion wears and accessories you can promote from Jumia.


4. Paid Sponsorship

This is a good way to earn money from blogging when your blog has lots of audience/traffic. You can reach out to Companies, small and large business owners to sponsor your blog posts. In return, they get referrals, Ad spaces, extra online exposure, etc.

If it’s what they are interested in, they will be part of it and advertise on your blog. They can advertise using Ad banners, text links or sponsored posts. And the good thing is that you have control over how much you charge for adverts on your blog.


5. Offer Online Services

As a blogger, there is a probability that you will have accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Even if you don’t have personal accounts on those sites, I guess you would have created profiles for your blog on such sites.

Guess what, you can be making money by using those social media accounts to promote companies and businesses. There are bloggers that make money tweeting for companies, promoting companies & their products on Facebook and various social media. You too can!

Additionally, if you have services you offer, list them on your blog so that visitors who visit your blog can be aware of them.

In summary, before you can actually start making good money from blogging, you need to write quality content. This is because the content is KING. Ad networks like Google AdSense would like you to have unique content before you can start publishing Ads. In addition, you should create and connect your blog on social media and never stop learning.

Don’t just sit there after reading this post, start using at least one of the listed methods above and start earning. Work smart!


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